You have got a new Runabove account and you want to use object storage but you don't know how! Take five minutes to learn it!

Some prerequisites:

Before all, you need to have a RunAbove account with valid credentials, a web browser, python and pip (python packager) installed on your computer... Yes, that's all!


To communicate with OpenStack APIs proposed by RunAbove, you need to install official OpenStack clients:

pip install python-swiftclient python-keystoneclient

Now you can begin to store your data!

How to authenticate?

To be authenticated inside your Object Storage, you need to define some environment variables with your account credentials.

The simpliest way is to download a script to do it. You can find it in your control panel, in OpenStack Horizon. Then go into Access & Security panel, then into API Access tab. Finally, click on Download OpenStack RC File.

Launch this script and enter your RunAbove password:


Select the region you want to work in:


To verify if you are authenticated, you can launch the next request and you will get some account metadata.

swift stat

Upload your first object:

To upload theobject.txt_ file into your Object Storage, you can use this command:

swift upload container_name path_to_the_object.txt

You can verify that your file is in container_name with:

swift list container

Interact with your object:

You can download content of your object with:

swift download container_name path_to_the_object.txt

When you need to delete your object, you can use this request:

swift delete container_name path_to_the_object.txt

How to continue to discover Object Storage?

To begin, you can continue to discover features of your Object Storage with documentation of the client:

swift help

Now you can think about direct integration of Object Storage in your applications and use officials SDKs or directly with HTTP requests to OpenStack APIs.